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Brian’s Record Option

381 Princess St
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    We buy, sell and trade new or used records, tapes, CD’s, posters, sheet music, books of a musical nature, DVD’s, VHS, 45’s, 78’s, 8tracks, record players, amps and speakers on consignment.

Montreal native Brian, of Brian’s Record Option, is somewhat of a hero to his loyal customer base, who flock to his Hub-based hole in the wall to shop for posters, vinyl, 8-track and the like. His store may seem a bit overwhelming to first timers, however one need only ask the man behind the counter for help finding a certain item, and miraculously Brian will know exactly where to find it. Clearly his filing system relies on memory alone, as he does not subscribe to the standard dewy decimal system. So next time you’re jonsin’ for a classic album, or an iconic poster you can’t find anywhere else, be sure to check out Brian’s Record Option before resorting to eBay or Amazon. That said, Brian is on eBay, so his reach and reputation extends way beyond the Limestone City.


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